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  • Certification to display on your product packaging & website
  • Full certified lab results which show quality, amount and type of Resistant Starch found in your product(s)
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Your products & ingredients contain something special and unique, Resistant Starch. Customers around the world are demanding new and sustainable ways to improve their health and nutritional needs. Resistant Starch has many health benefits;including improved gut health, weight loss (obesity), reduced blood glucose and insulin levels (diabetes), improves heart disease, healing damaged cells in the colon (colon cancer), and improving mental health (autism).

By becoming Resistant Starch Certified you identify to the customer that your products are quality tested and verified to contain levels of Resistant Starch. We help increase your marketing power and expand your market reach to those demanding healthier products by having the RS Certification logo on your products, website and social outlets.

The Resistant Starch Foundation is the world leader in Resistant Starch information, news, products, and provides immediate proof of the quality and levels of Resistant Starch in your products bearing the Resistant Starch Certification.

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